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Today energy from wood and biomass is a sector that in Italy is worth 4 billion euros, involves 14 thousand companies in a supply chain that goes «from the forest to the fireplace», with an employment impact of 72 thousand employees, of which 43 thousand direct and 29,000 associated to related industries.

The continuous technological innovation of the sector, with the use of new generation plants to replace the old plants, has made possible to avoid over the last year the emission into the atmosphere of about 2,200 tons of particulate matter (PM) and about 160 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent per year.

The challenge of the future is to reduce by at least 70% the emissions of fine particles deriving from the domestic combustion of biomass.

the first magazine dedicated exclusively to products that useenergy from wood

We talk about stoves, fireplaces, kitchens and boilers operating with wood and pellets.

We will discuss the issues of wood and pellet heating, reduction of emissions and air quality, energy savings and access to government incentives, the importance of correct and constant maintenance.

We will talk about the use of a good fuel, the technological renewal and certifications, and above all we will present the new products of the industry leaders.

Progetto Fuoco 2022:

2022/02/23 09:00:00

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