PRIZE X 2021

the design award made by Fire Observer


Choosing the right stove or fireplace for your home is also a matter of design. Partnership between the event and the specialized blog «Fire Observer». The award ceremony at the Fair to be held from 4 to 7 May 2022


Not just technological innovation and environmental sustainability: the evolution of production has transformed stoves and fireplaces into real design objects. Design that becomes an element on which the biomass heating sector rests the foundations to build its future. The attention to aesthetics and usability, its perfect insertion into the “concept” of the house are fundamental competitive factors as much as performance and energy efficiency. And on this issue the companies in the sector very often unleash their competitive leverage.

For this reason, Progetto Fuoco wanted to promote the partnership with the blog “FIRE OBSERVER | Danilo Premoli”, dedicated to design and the world of fire, which turns 10 this year and celebrates them by promoting and organizing the “PRIZE X 2021” open to exhibiting companies that can compete for the Award by nominating products from their catalogue. The prize, divided into two types (household appliances and industrial appliances), will be awarded based on the votes of the readers on the Fire Observer blog from September to December 2021.

The jury

In addition, a jury of experts, chaired by Oscar G. Colli, will award, in January 2022, a special prize among all the nominations. The jury will be composed of ten experienced professionals in the sector. In addition to the award ceremony, the selected products and winners of the award will be exhibited during Progetto Fuoco.


  • Danilo Premoli, architect, designer, blogger. In 2011 he designed and still manages the Fire Observer blog. Since 2016 he has been a member of the Scientific Committee for the selection of the ADI Design Index for the Compasso d’Oro editions 2018, 2020, 2022. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of All Around Work.

How to participate in “FIRE OBSERVER PRIZE X 2021″

PRIZE X 2021 is open to exhibiting companies of Progetto Fuoco – partner of PRIZE X 2021 – who can compete for the Award by nominating 1 or 2 products from their catalogue.

The applications, divided into two categories: household appliances and industrial appliances, will be voted on by readers on the Fire Observer blog from September to December 2021 in a blog page dedicated and reserved for the Award.

In 2022, the three winners will be announced in an event dedicated to PRIZE X 2021 during the days of the Progetto Fuoco international event in Verona (4-7 May): the most voted by the readers for each of the two categories and the most voted by the Jury of experts. During the days of Progetto Fuoco, an area of the event will be dedicated to the exhibition of the winning projects of the Award.

Why participate in PRIZE X 2021?

● to IMPROVE the position in search engines through social pages with news about the brand (digital reputation)

● to INTERCEPT new potential customers and ACQUIRE leads

● to MULTIPLY traffic on your company website through direct links active on the blog and in the newsletters sent for free to a selected mailing list of designers

● to BE ESTIMATED AND CONSIDERED an authoritative company of reference in the sector

● to ADD value to your products/services

● to EXPLOIT the social potential of the Web to the maximum

● to LOYALIZE your audience

● to SHARE sector issues and HAVE immediate feedback on the products/services offered

● to DEEPEN professional updating

● to BE READ around the world 24/7.

The company must confirm participation in the Award by 31 July by sending an image (jpg base min 800px) and the link to the product sheet on the company website to the Fire Observer editorial staff.

The cost of applying for the PRIZE X 2021 is € 500.00 for 1 product or € 800.00 for 2 products.

The two companies whose products will be the most voted by blog readers will be entitled to be a free partner of the Fire Observer blog for one year (Registration and info:

Danilo Premoli