Progetto Fuoco: facts and figures 2020

Progetto Fuoco 2020 – 12° Edition

Progetto Fuoco is the most important international exhibition of plants and materials for the wood-fired heating industry.

125.000 square meters of exhibition area

  • 8 exhibition halls (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9) and outdoor area
  • 300 working productson display, thanks to the fume extraction system
  • more than 50 scheduled events, workshops and conferences

800 exhibitors

  • 60% Italian exhibitors: from 18 different Regions (mainly Veneto and Lombardy)
  • 40% foreign exhibitors from 40 different Countries (mainly Germany, Austria and France

75.000 visitors expected: 

  • 55.000 Italian visitors from all of the 110 Italian Provinces (major presences from Veneto and Lombardy)
  • 20.000 foreign visitors (in 2018 they come from 70 different Countries of which 20% from France and 10% from Spain)

Exhibitors’ trade sector:

  • Producer/dealer of domestic tools (stoves, fireplaces, kitchens) 46%
  • Accessories for stoves and fireplaces 7%
  • Producer/dealer of boilers and big biomass system 21%
  • Producer/dealer of pellets and fuels 7%
  • Flue pipes 6%
  • Technical components and materials 10%
  • Outdoor Area (machines for the primary conversion of wood) 2%
  • Specialized Press and Associations 1%

Trade visitor target:

  • Production  20%
  • Dealer/Wholesaler/agent 45%
  • Designer/engineer 12%
  • Installer/fume pipe 7%
  • plumbing and heating 6%
  • others 10%

Important promotional actions developed in collaboration with ICE and Veronafiere increased the presence of delegations of foreign operators/buyer – from the main destination markets of Italian production: Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries, with a significant increase from emerging markets such as Poland, Russia, Greece and the Baltic countries. Moreover Progetto Fuoco has a stand in the main international trade exhibitions.


More than 50 scheduled events, workshops and conferences. AIEL – Italian Agroforestry Energies Association – is the technical partner of Progetto Fuoco and organized 3 conferences and 9 workshops. Other collaborations: Assocosma, ANFUS, ADI Index, Confartigianato Veneto, ANVER, Wood School from TESAF – Department of the University of Padova.


Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies, Veneto Region, City of Verona, Province of Verona, Chamber of Commerce of Verona. Tesaf – University of Padova, I-Bio Net University of Florence

The lowest participation fees

Progetto Fuoco represents a great business opportunity with the lowest costs of participation, compared to other international exhibitions. The exhibition has the best cost-benefit ratio.

Progetto Fuoco                       € 120 /sqm

ISH Frankfurt                          € 363 / sqm

MCE Milan                              € 254 / sqm

Flam’Expo Lyon                      € 231 / sqm

Expobiomasa Valladolid        € 128 / sqm

* Analysis carried out only on free exhibition area without additional services

Communication of the event

210 Italian and foreign accredited journalists

– PF Magazine: the first magazine dedicated to the world of wood heating

– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube



The most important Italian and foreign brands will be present

The most important International Exhibition of the wood biomass sector

PROGETTO FUOCO – Veronafiere February 19-22, 2020

800 exhibitors (40% from abroad) in 8 halls and 130,000 square meters of exhibition area; 250 accredited journalists, 100 scheduled conferences and workshops. All this makes Progetto Fuoco the most important international event dedicated to the heating and energy production through the combustion of wood. From this year it will also be possible to exhibit bioethanol, gas and other renewable forms of heating products.

A reference point

Fuoco is the World’s Leading Trade Exhibition in the sector: in the last edition there were over 70,000 visitors, of which over 15,000 foreign operators from 70 countries.

The great international communication campaign, carried out with targeted invitations, and widespread web and social media campaign, is aimed at the most important European importers, agents and distributors.

A promotional campaign throughout Europe (we are present in the specialized press of Russia, Poland, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Greece) and the presence with stands at all the main international sector exhibitions, confirms the international reference role assumed over the years by Progetto Fuoco.

The most important Italian and foreign brands will be present

The most important Italian and foreign brands are present in a choice of product unique in the world for this sector industry.

A not to be missed event!

Become an exhibitor! We advise you to reserve the exhibition space in advance, as the exhibition layout is mostly defined and the exhibition spaces are largely optioned. Early enrolling allows the organization secretariat to identify the exhibition spaces that best meet individual company needs:

Brand new: the Sector Industry Directory

The Directory will be issued in February, to mark Progetto Fuoco 2020 edition

The first “Sector Industry Directory 2020-2021 of the wood-fired heating industry”

The most comprehensive international database of companies operating in the sector of heating and energy production through wood combustion will be released to mark the next edition of Progetto Fuoco, scheduled from 19 to 22, 2020 at Verona Exhibition Center.

1.000 companies, 350 pagine, 48 product categories are the numbers of this new work tool, written in Italian, English, French and German.

Distributed in 10.000 copies

The Sector Industry Directory will be printed in 10,000 copies and distributed as follows:

  • sold to the visitors during the exhibition
  • sold online on the website
  • distributed to exhibitors, foreign delegations, authorities and representatives of the Institutions
  • sent to a target database of Italian and foreign design studios, importers and distributors, large-scale buyers
  • available at the Progetto Fuoco stands in foreign trade shows

TOP Companies: the utmost visibility to excellence

In the first pages of the Directory, a section called “TOP Companies” will host the profile of the companies that want to emerge and present themselves in more depth in two bilingual pages.

Book your double bilingual page for the section TOP Companies


EcoHouse, a “focus” within Progetto Fuoco dedicated to energy efficiency

The choice of eco-living: sustainable heating … but not only

Hall number 1 within Progetto Fuoco will be entirely dedicated to materials and technologies for energy efficiency.

State-of-the-art functional eco-building

Not only private houses, but also hotels, gyms and wellness centers, can be at the forefront thanks to the use of eco-sustainable cooling / heating systems. Real home automation buildings, which combine different solutions alongside materials for the best performance of the environments: EcoHouse, the new thematic area of Progetto Fuoco, will be all this and much more.

A competitive advantage for construction operators

A better performance of the heat and energy production systems allows an energy saving that is also equivalent to a competitive advantage in the reference market.

Government incentives for energy efficiency

The technical solutions for an efficient use of energy also allow access to the incentive systems provided by European governments for the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and the improvement of air quality.More efficiency means less consumption and more environmental comfort.

An unmissable opportunity and a new perspective for professionals in the sector

For these reasons, EcoHouse represents an unmissable opportunity for knowledge, information and updating for all manufacturers, retailers, installers and designers in the technical thermal sector.

Download the EcoHouse Application Form



Infinity Plus Line stove collection by Piazzetta

Original and innovative hybrid stoves fired with wood and pellets

INFINITY is the latest generation of stoves by Piazzetta

Six innovative models with extremely advanced technology and unique characteristics. A single stove: two different fuels – wood and pellets. Six different designs to satisfy contemporary, modern or classical furnishing solutions, all featuring refined majolica cladding. A collection blending technology, sophisticated design and artisan workmanship characterising the handcrafted majolica.

A new generation of Piazzetta Stoves

The models of this collection belong to a new generation of stoves developed according to Ecodesign 2022 specifications. As a result, they optimise the environmental performances and maintain high functional properties. The user may choose whether to switch from one fuel to the other without interrupting the stove’s operation, for optimal comfort. Even if there is no electricity, the stove can nonetheless be used in wood-fired mode.

Maximum practicality

For the utmost practicality, the stove can be managed through the remote control and the My PIAZZETTA app (standard): the user can programme the ignition and switch-off sequences and monitor the pellet-based operation also remotely. When logs are loaded into it, the stove automatically switches to wood-fired operation. The Infinity Control system manages the electronic control operation with both pellets and wood. Even if there is no electricity, the stove can nonetheless be used in wood-fired mode.

With a single stove it is possible to heat:

• with the exclusive Multifuoco® forced ventilation system, which guarantees uniform temperature in the room and allows for ducting the heat also to other rooms;
• with natural convection;
• with the heat storage system (HSS), which leaves the room heated for over 10 hours after the fire dies out.

The following are among the exclusive construction features distinguishing the stoves:

• the one-piece firebox is hermetic, with the combustion air being drawn from the outside;
• the special design of the pellet brazier improves combustion and the flame quality, thus reducing the ash residues;
• the lack of a fume extractor guarantees maximum silence – even in pellet-fired mode the flue functions with natural draught;
• a buzzer warns the user when the fuel (both wood and pellets) needs topping up;
• various electronic devices are installed to monitor the stove’s operation, in addition to various safety systems.

The models


A stove with clean lines and a modern, sophisticated design distinguished by two superimposed sections that bestow a dynamic impression. The model shown in the picture bears the hand-crafted majolica cladding in the bicolour version, which emphasises the original two-compartment design. The user may choose whether to switch from one fuel to the other without interrupting the stove’s operation, for optimal comfort.



Rounded corners and edges, coupled with imposing dimensions, emphasise the refined design of this model, clad with few large-size majolica slabs. Thanks to its considerable height (182 cm), this model makes a stylish furnishing element that is also suited to housing the optional Heat Storage System kit, which releases heat even several hours after the fire dies out.



These two elegant and sophisticated models evoke the fine Kachelofen models of the past. The classical and refined design emphasises the details and processing of the refined majolica cladding, hand-crafted by master craftsmen who employ great skill is creating such large-size pieces. The two models, which make stylish furnishing elements thanks to their refined design, come in two different heights. The taller version (h 193 cm) is suited to housing the optional Heat Storage System kit, which releases heat even several hours after the fire dies out.


Shown in the picture. E228 C HYBRID PELLET AND WOOD stove with Rosso majolica cladding_size 65Wx60Dx146H cm.

For more information visit the web site and visit the Piazzetta stand at Progetto Fuoco Hall 6 Stand C1

The Urfeuer Fireplace by Brunner, preview

For the beginning of a long friendship with the open fire

The Urfeuer fireplaces are a promise – for safety, for a sensual experience, for pure atmosphere. An extraordinary construction, designed, developed and manufactured for pleasure and  enjoyment – the highest quality for the most beautiful moments in life. It’s a philosophy which was cultivated by BRUNNER for the last 70 years and can be found in every Urfeuer fireplace since 1996.

More fire enjoyment? Impossible

To feel, to smell, to hear the burning wood – be as close as possible, no glass, no technical fuss. Probably the oldest kind of fireplace has even today an incomparable charm. The Urfeuer fireplaces are manufactured by BRUNNER already since 1996. With new, sophisticated technical design, they fit perfectly in current living spaces in every situation. Modern, straight-line design with minimalistic cast-iron protective linings, continued on visible external faces of the fireplace. The Urfeuer fireplace concentrates on the sensual experience – the heating power is less important. Lean back, dream and relax. You deserve it in these hectic times.

Safety guaranteed

An important detail for every open fire is the spark protection. No matter if you are using “sparking” softwood, or you want to be sure that the fireplace is safe after combustion ends – just to make sure that no glowing embers will be falling out. This safety feature comes as standard on every Urfeuer fireplace. The spark protection is made of black coated stainless steel mesh which is moving on easy-going and stable guiding mechanism. From the technical point of view, it functions like a glazed door and is provided with counterweights for balance. The best thing about this — no technical stuff is visible when hidden, because the mesh and its mechanics is raised and lowered through a narrow gap between the fire protection plates. The access is simple and easy, as the fire protection plates can be detached without any tools. In the end, it is worth to mention that during combustion the spark protection mesh is almost “invisible” in front of burning flames, i.e. you will barely notice it when lowered.


Patented air intake and exhaust

The art of designing an open fireplace for living spaces consists in preventing the smoke gases from being spread into the room. With the patent pending exhaust system developed by BRUNNER especially for the Urfeuer fireplaces, it is possible to ensure a smokeless operation even in confined rooms.

Pressure balance with room air

Open fires usually consume enormous volumes of air from the room of installation. In older buildings, it is possible to make up this missing air volumes through cracks and gaps on doors and windows. The current methods of construction with insulated and airtight building envelope make it impossible by definition. Therefore, the Urfeuer fireplaces have a controllable pressure balance due to a generously dimensioned external air intake (ø 250 mm). This allows for sufficient “auxiliary air supply” which is even preheated at the same time and supplied as such in a pleasant way to the interior areas.

You can find Urfeuer Fireplace visiting the Brunner exhibiting area during Progetto Fuoco in Hall 5 Stand A-11.  Visit the company website form more details on Brunner products at


Thermorossi: Progetto Fuoco previews

50 years of sustainable heating

Established in a province renowned for its metalworking tradition, and open to modern technology, Thermorossi has been working with success in the heating sector for more than 50 years, and is now one of the leading and advanced European manufacturers of wood, pellets and solar heating technologies. Products are constantly submitted to strict tests by autonomous agencies in order to evaluate their manufacturing features, their efficiency and CO emissions, and the quality of manufacturing process itself. Every manufacturing phase, from laser-cutting to bending, welding and assembling forms an integral part of our company heritage. Thermorossi manufactures according to the more modern technologies and every product is complying to the strictest European standards.

You will find the new Thermorossi products at the next edition of Progetto Fuoco, in Hall 7, Stand C-5

Bellavista Square: pellet stove


Thermorossi assures its constant and continuous attention to pursue new paths, ever innovative, improved technical solutions and outstanding design, in order to open up new segments of the market. Bellavista Square : pellet stove with a unique and unmistakable design, ideal as a peninsula solution to separate two rooms thanks to the panoramic glass that guarantees a 270 ° view of the fire.

Pop: pellet stove


Are you a music lover dreaming of a glamorous look? Here’s to you Pop: the pellet stove in just 46 cm in diameter. Let it conquer you with its personality and precious details that make it irresistibly attractive. Perfect for any corner placement, thanks to the central smoke outlet in line with the stove. Cast iron top and sides in steel. Also available in hermetic version.

Compact Slim: space-saving pellet boiler


Thanks to the reduced depth (only 40 cm) and to the superior hydraulic connections, it can be placed against the wall. Ideal for everybody that has space problems and that need high power. Interfaced with the patented stratification thermal store Flat 250 it ensures the best configuration of the system and produces domestic hot water, making the best use of the available space. Supplied as standard equipment with the innovative motorized burner with patented technology PELLETPOWER®, it maintains constant performance throughout the day without interruption. No fuel wastage, quick amortisation of the investment, easy cleaning because the combustion residues are removed at the sides and collected in the ash drawer.

Margherita – wood kitchen stove


Free your imagination in the kitchen thanks to the ingenious «PANEPIZZA» patented device. A single large door encloses two independent ovens: manage as much heat as you want, the upper oven is able to exploit higher temperatures thanks to a dedicated smoke path.  Both ovens have a soapstone base and a dedicated thermometer. Water, baking powder and flour and a little magic happens in the house. Three seemingly very simple ingredients able to create something incredibly special and fragrant, which unites the whole family.

For further information visit the Thermorossi company web site

Aduro H3 Lux e Aduro H5: preview at Progetto Fuoco


Aduro develops, produces and markets wood burning and hybrid stoves in modern Danish design. For many years we have been specializing in developing high technological stoves with the most modern and advanced combustion principles. We do not comprise when it comes to product quality and we always seek to combine the technical and the aesthetic with the end-consumers demand for user friendliness. More than 350.000 Aduro stoves are installed all over Europe.

Aduro H3 Lux e Aduro H5

What is Aduro Hybrid? The prettiest wood pellet stove in the world? The most user-friendly wood burning stove in the world? Or is it both – and much more. Aduro H series is introducing a new generation of stoves: The Hybrid Stove. The name is a signal of future and highlights, that the stove can use both wood pellets and regular firewood. Firewood for the classic and cozy wood fire, and wood pellets for heat.


Aduro H5

Aduro and the Environment

All our stoves are designed by Danish architects whose principal aim has been to create modern and environmentally-friendly stoves to attractive prices. The environmentally considerations are very important for us and therefore the majority of our stoves carry the Nordic Ecolabel. Among others this environmental certificate makes demands on emission (<2 g particles per kg. wood), efficiency and responsible production. Besides the Nordic Ecolabel, more of our products are DEFRA approved for use in smoke-free zones in the UK and Northern Ireland. These stoves are exempt under section 21 of the Clean Air Act 1993 for use within UK smoke control areas. For further information please contact our importer in the UK or Northern Ireland. The environmental qualities are ranking among the best in the world and the products are easy to use.  However, it is always up to the consumer to ensure an environmentally clean combustion by firing correct. When firing correctly with wood, an Aduro stove is a neutral CO2 heating source – in average each stove saves the environment for the emission of approx. 4 ton CO2. Clean burning stoves give renewable energy and are a splendid supplement to other energy sources.

Winner of the European Business Award for the Environment 2018

Monday 18. June 2018, Aduro A/S was awarded with the prestigious European Business Award for the Environment on a national level in the category “Sustainable products and services”. The award was given for the innovative and sustainable product Aduro HybridEuropean Business Awards for the Environment pay tribute to the most environmentally conscious companies in Europe, thus aiming to promote innovative and sustainable initiatives.

Visit the Company stand during Progetto Fuoco 2020, Hall 6 Stand A-13, for a first hand experience of the new products. For further information visit the Comapny official website


Aduro H3 Lux

Ecomonoblocco WT by Palazzetti: your domestic heating partner

Palazzetti, the heating partner

Thanks to its ability to evolve, its ongoing research, its experience based on over 60 years of family history and its natural bent for beauty, Palazzetti is becoming an increasingly more precious ally of domestic heating. The comfort of a home and of its inhabitants stems from the ability to think up and make products and systems capable of unfailingly creating the ideal indoor climate.

Ecomonoblocco WT a latest-generation firebox

Ecomonoblocco WT is the new technological feather in Palazzetti’s cap. It consists in a real heating system, a latest-generation firebox that offers extremely high performances in a minimalist guise. It offers the very best in energy-saving technology, environmental friendliness and smart utilisation. Ecomonoblocco can be remote controlled from outdoors using Palazzetti’s App. Thanks to the patented O2ring system that considerably reduces harmful emissions and to its high efficiency. This product has been awarded a 7-star French Flamme Vert rating and an Italian 4-star environmental performance rating.

The flame as the leading role

The firebox’s minimalist lines divert all the limelight towards the fire. Conceived to create a tailor-made suit for the new WT firebox, the new Sistiana cladding is made from antique-effect Wengé quartzite and matt honed Bianco Mediterraneo marble.  The uprights and the lateral firewood holder are in black painted 50/10 stainless steel.

Beauty, top performances, design, and efficiency

Palazzetti knows how to combine beauty with top performances and design with efficiency for the pleasure of creating innovative solutions that improve comfort, making heating appliances that are easier to use and control and that have almost no impact on the environment.

Preview of Progetto Fuoco 2020

You can find all the Palazzetti news and products during the next edition of Progetto Fuoco, Hall 7, Stand B-5 and B-9. For any further information on Palazzetti products, consult the company website

DIVA Air & Multi-air by Klover preview at Progetto Fuoco

News from the exhibitors

The new DIVA Air & Multi-air pellet stove by Klover

The new DIVA Air & Multi-Air pellet stove from Klover, with its sleek, contemporary design, adds character and elegance to any setting. Available in the AIR version with forced ventilation offering five different power levels. The innovative MULTI-AIR system guarantees high-performance transfer to other rooms, with ducting up to 9 metres long, and even without insulation. This means two rooms can be reached at the same time, each managed separately via a room thermostat.

Maximum space-saving efficiency

Only 27 cm deep, it doesn’t require any additional space, thanks to full front inspection access. The front has been created in white quartz and glass, with cream and soapstone versions available. Meanwhile, the Wood model features solid-wood inserts in wenge, oak and blanc colours. The flue output can be fitted to the top, back or side. Safety sensors are installed on both the door and the hermetically sealed tank.

The patented Klover self-cleaning burner

The Diva Air-Multi-Air stove also owes its high performance to the patented Klover self-cleaning burner. Thanks to partial and reverse rotation, it automatically cleans the system in just a few seconds by uniformly discharging residues into the ash compartment. The combustion air anti-clogging system and the ultra-rapid ignition system ensure total safety.

Technology at your service

Wi-Fi connectivity is included as standard and the Klover Home smart app allows complete control of the stove even when you are far from home. The touch-screen remote control also allows you to manage your stove at various distances within the building.

Sustainability Made in Italy

Diva Air-Multi-Air is rated A++ and is Ecodesign 2022 certified, and therefore eco-friendly in terms of emissions, efficiency and yield. This product is entirely made in Italy and valid for incentives under the Conto Termico 2.0 programme.

You can visit teh stand Klover with all the new products, as the thermo stove Style 180 Plus, during Progetto Fuoco 2020 Pad.7 stand A-10. For details on this product please visit the Company Web Site