EcoHouse, a “focus” within Progetto Fuoco dedicated to energy efficiency

The choice of eco-living

Sustainable heating … but not only

Hall number 1 will be entirely dedicated to materials and technologies for energy efficiency.

State-of-the-art functional eco-building

Not only private houses, but also hotels, gyms and wellness centers, can be at the forefront thanks to the use of eco-sustainable cooling / heating systems. Real home automation buildings, which combine different solutions alongside materials for the best performance of the environments: EcoHouse, the new thematic area of Progetto Fuoco, will be all this and much more.

A competitive advantage for construction operators

A better performance of the heat and energy production systems allows an energy saving that is also equivalent to a competitive advantage in the reference market.

Government incentives for energy efficiency

The technical solutions for an efficient use of energy also allow access to the incentive systems provided by European governments for the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and the improvement of air quality.More efficiency means less consumption and more environmental comfort.

An unmissable opportunity and a new perspective for professionals in the sector

For these reasons, EcoHouse represents an unmissable opportunity for knowledge, information and updating for all manufacturers, retailers, installers and designers in the technical thermal sector.

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Give me Fire: the Innovation Village at Progetto Fuoco 2020

Progetto Fuoco leaps into the future and launches its contest for innovation of the Fire system

The twelfth edition of the exhibition, world leader in the sector of systems and equipment which produce heat and energy from the combustion of wood, planned for the 19th to the 22nd of February 2020 in Verona, will boast a significant and original development: “Give Me Fire”, a new thematic area of the hall dedicated to start-ups, innovation and more.

We launch the challenge for the innovation of the Fire system

At the heart of the project, promoted by Piemmeti and Blum, is the Startup Award, aimed at all companies who offer innovative solutions applicable to the world of wood combustion systems and equipment. Let’s take a closer look at what it is.

What it is all about

It is the first edition of an international contest aimed at innovative Italian and European companies, from which a committee will choose the 10 best start-ups, which will have the opportunity to progress to the final phase of the contest.

Progetto Fuoco: a leader event

“To be a leader it is not enough to continue to do well the things you know” explained Raul Barbieri, General Manager of Piemmeti, the company which has organised Progetto Fuoco, who continued: “You need the courage and the energy to take risks and offer something new. Even in a mature sector like Fire the scenario is always changing, new technologies and habits continuously redefine markets and productive horizons”, he added.

The Innovation Village

For those 10 companies, the doors will be opened to Progetto Fuoco at VeronaFiere, where the Innovation Village will make its debut, a true village of innovation in which the finalists will be able to exhibit their products and meet spectators at the fair. At the centre of this village inhabited by new ideas, will be a stage which will host debates, pitches – brief presentations by the start-ups in front of a panel of experts – and opportunities for meetings, communication and business. The area will be accessible to all visitors in the hall, allowing companies, operators and innovative ideas to come together for the four days of the exhibition. On the final day, the 10 start-ups will face off in a grand finale which will decide who receives the first Progetto Fuoco European Start-up Award.

Innovation has no limits

Precisely because innovation is, by definition, surprising compared to established models, the Start-up Award won’t have thematic limits. Companies which innovate in several directions, from new forms of fuel, innovations in wood supply, the most recent materials for heaters and boilers, to original solutions for furnaces, containment of emissions, contamination via app, artificial intelligence, and new frontiers like new generation 5G networks which are already taking off, will be able to put themselves forward.

A network of ideas

“We are aware that circulating ideas is good for everybody. It’s good for start-ups but also for companies which are already leaders in their markets. We want to create a meeting point to put people in contact and let new business relationships grow. Everyone will go home enriched, and the whole industry will benefit”, added Luca Barbieri from Blum.

Call for entries June 2019

“Give Me Fire” is ready to be launched and take off. Applications are being accepted starting June 2019 in three languages: Italian, English and German, in order to reach the most important markets on the continent. The closing date for applications is October 2019, and the following month the 10 finalists will be announced. See you at Progetto Fuoco 2020!



Progetto Bosco: the outdoor area for demonstrations of operating machines

Progetto Bosco: focus on the first step of the supply chain

From machinery and equipment to the retailer

The widespread distribution of firewood deposits and sale points requires specific mechanization. Speeding up the preparation and packaging of firewood, or its by-products, is important also to contain the final costs of this type of fuel.

A thematic area see first-hand the latest news on the market

Progetto Bosco: machine at work

Progetto Bosco features an outdoor area for demonstrations of specific operating machines, systems and equipment: from log-splitters to chippers, from shredders to saw-loggers, to firewood processing centres.

The professionals of the sector will have the opportunity to experience first hand the latest innovations offered by the market, to see how they work and to confront directly with the employees of the manufacturing companies on the technical characteristics of the machinery in action.

Check the demonstration program of the machinery demonstrations.


The joy of leisurely cooking on wood-burning stoves

As well as being environmentally friendly and great for cooking healthy food, wood-burning ranges provide heating like stoves and add a stylish decorative touch to homes

Who wouldn’t want to combine the delights of preparing appetizing cuisine with the pleasures of heating their home and furnishing it in style, all in a green way? You can do all of this with wood-burning ranges, thanks to their perfect blend of cooking facilities, warmth, attractive designs and energy efficiency. Eco-friendly and visually appealing, they are ideal for making healthy food and keeping your home warm and cosy.

Cooking and heating

Like stoves, wood-burning ranges distribute heat evenly and their heat output is exceptional because they are covered with the best heat-conducting materials (cast iron, steel, majolica and ceramics). They cook food slowly over many hours, preserving and bringing out the best of its properties and characteristics. Furthermore, they provide an affordable way of cooking that reflects the latest culinary and interior design trends and they run on wood, which is a renewable source of energy.

Natural and cheap

In addition to being 100% natural, wood is also the least expensive of all the most widespread fuels (gas, oil and coal). Its many benefits mean that it has been used by people ever since ancient times, and now its true value has been rediscovered. A crackling fire conjures up primeval sensations in humans, including on a subconscious level. What’s more, it makes it possible to revive simple cuisine based on traditions, customs and recipes that have largely been forgotten.

Slow cooking

More and more people are starting to appreciate the wonders of taking a step back from hectic modern life to enjoy a little leisurely cooking, bring back ancient flavors and spend time with their loved ones around the table and the hearth. You can cook almost anything on a cost-effective wood-burning range, from simple dishes to elaborate meals, including rustic cakes, roasts, pies, braised meat, risotto, sauces, soups and stews. You just have to realize that all good things come to those who wait, because cooking on a wood-burning range is a slow process and it can often take hours. A strategic role is played by the temperature. It can be high or low but it is constant and its intensity needs to be varied in accordance with the recipe.

wood-burning ranges

All that you need to do is put the saucepan on the different removable rings on the cast iron top. For more powerful heat, it is best to keep the pan in the middle. If you want more dispersed and less intense heat, put your pans on the sides of the rings. In ranges, braziers of variable sizes give greater control over energy use. A number of “batches” of food can be cooked with one load of wood.

A wide range of cost-effective options

There are numerous cost-effective wood-burning ranges on sale today. Some of them offer exceptional performance and enable even cooks with limited expertise to produce perfect results. It goes without saying that it is essential to have high quality materials and the right equipment, such as saucepans made of terracotta, copper, enamel-coated cast iron, stainless steel or soapstone. Nonetheless, being able to prepare delicious, evenly cooked food over the hob of a wood-burning range is no longer the preserve of a privileged few. Therefore, it is no surprise that more and more everyday enthusiasts are starting to use wood-burning ranges in order to enjoy the benefits that cooking at low temperatures brings in terms of tenderness and flavor. On top of all of this, it is an approach that saves both money and energy.

Sustainable cooking

Carbon dioxide emissions keep getting lower and lower with today’s ranges (as long as the wood comes from a sustainable, certified forest management scheme). Consumers can get better returns on their investments. Consequently, using wood and pellets for cooking and heating is the most constructive solution. It is in keeping with European climate change policies. It reduces the need to import fossil fuels, thus creating business opportunities for companies based closer to home and more jobs in the forest, wood and energy supply chain.

Progetto Cuoco (Project Cook)

Wood-burning barbecues, ovens and affordable kitchen ranges, as well as cooking facilities will be one of the theme areas in the next edition of Progetto Fuoco, scheduled from 19 to 22 February 2020. This initiative focuses on the qualities and benefits of . Wood-burning kitchens can be used for domestic heating. They offer all of the appeal of fire and they add a stylish, sophisticated decorative touch to the house. A side exhibition will present the exhibitors’ top products, allowing visitors to see the very best that the market has to offer.

Saving with pellets: the Italian experience

Cut heating costs and help the environment

How and why pellets are good for family budgets, the climate and the economy

Gas is still the main source of energy used to heat Italian homes: it is utilized by over 70% of families. However, wood is also very popular. According to figures from Istat (the Italian National Institute of Statistics), more than one in five Italian families use wood for energy purposes, while just 4.1% use pellets. Although they are not yet in widespread use, pellets present a very sound alternative. They are less expensive than fossil fuels and more environmentally friendly, even compared to firewood. Let’s find out why.


It has been calculated that families can save more than €220 a year if they replace a gas heating system with a pellet-based one, just under €800 if they switch from oil to pellets and more than €1,200 a year if they go from LPG to pellets.*

*AIEL (Italian Agroforestry Energy Association) figures based on a 150 m² home with average insulation (12 MWh of primary heating needs, which means 1,200 Nm³ of gas, 1,200 litres of oil or 2,550 kg of pellets).

Italy is a leading international player in pellet technology, which has taken huge leaps forward. The products that are currently on the market (stoves, fireplaces and boilers) are increasingly efficient and fuel consumption is consistently low. In addition, there are products available to cater to a vast range of needs: from small stoves that can be used occasionally in the spring and autumn or in homes with low heating needs, to mini-systems that can heat whole homes effectively and even provide hot water.


Heating with natural fuels such as pellets – which are made exclusively from virgin wood waste, with no glue or varnish – makes an important contribution to the fight against climate change. Pellets release ten times less carbon dioxide than traditional fossil fuels. If you heat a 150 m² house with pellets instead of gas or oil, you will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by more than 2,400 kg a year.

Of course carbon dioxide is not the only factor in air pollution. Pellets also come out on top when it comes to the dreaded “particulate matter”, especially if they are certified and used in modern systems. This is because combustion takes place in a more controlled atmosphere with minimum human intervention and the composition and moisture levels of the pellets are standardized. Pellets used in these conditions release at least ten times less particulate matter than firewood. According to recent studies, a significant reduction in PM10 (more than 80%) would be possible if open, wood-burning fireplaces and obsolete stoves were replaced with innovative pellet-boiling boilers or stoves.


Unlike imported fossil fuels (which only contribute to the economies of their countries of origin), local pellet production has a very positive impact on the surrounding area. It has been calculated that 60 tonnes of pellets that are produced and used locally create 200 hours of work a year, compared to 10 hours for the gas required to produce the same amount of energy.

The world’s top manufacturers of pellet equipment can be found in Italy, but the country is only just beginning to produce the fuel. There is vast potential for expansion due to both the growing demand and the amount of land covered by forests in Italy, only a small proportion of which is used to produce fuel. For instance, take Austria and Germany, which are big pellet and timber producers. 70-80% of the annual increase in wood supplies comes from their forests, whereas in Italy the figure does not even reach 25%.

Finally, let us dispel a myth. It is not at all true that using forests to produce timber plays a part in deforestation. On the contrary, as shown by the examples of Austria and Germany, forests that are profitable will be protected and carefully managed in order to keep them that way. If this were not the case, no form of intervention would be economically sustainable, so the forests would tend to be abandoned or turned into something else.

The widest range of pellets will be on display during the next edition of Progetto Fuoco, from 19 to 22 February 2020, Verona Exhibition Center.

Style 180 Plus di Klover

The story of an Italian firm

From small artisan business to industry leader

Our story started in the early 1970s in San Bonifacio, in the eastern Province of Verona, in an area with ancient origins and a very lively economy. A passion for work, relentless determination and a strong desire to develop, handed down from father to son, have turned what was a small craft industry into an advanced business enterprise with a sound reputation in Italy and in the main international markets due to its quality and innovation, values belonging to a solid family tradition.

Klover presents the new thermo stove Style 180 Plus

Characterized by a curved door with double ceramic glass for total and safe protection. The front and top are in cast iron, guaranteeing exceptional mechanical strength that sets it apart on the market. The tank is watertight while the thank cover has a hydraulic opening.

Burner and ash compartiment

The burner is self-cleaning. Thanks to the partial and inverse rotation, in a few seconds it carries out the cleaning with a uniform discharge of the residues in the ash compartment. The anti-clogging air clogging system and the ultra-fast ignition system offer total safety.

Technology and innovation at your service

The Style 180 plus has safety sensors on the door and the tank and total frontal inspection. It has a paneling with a special shape and the sides are covered with fine hand-made majolica, available in 4 different colors. The Wi fi and touch display are standard.

Maximum certified performance

All stoves in the Style series have unique performances. They are Ecodesign 2022 certified, therefore environmentally friendly in terms of polluting emissions, efficiency and performance.

You will find the entire range of Klover products at the next edition of Progetto Fuoco 2020. More information on the official Klover website.

Lacunza launches the BIARRITZ wood-stove

News from Progetto Fuoco exhibitors

Sustainability, reliability, design

LACUNZA , part of the Lacunza Kalor Group SAL business group, launches the BIARRITZ wood stove. It is a stove based on sustainability, reliabiliy and the unique design by LACUNZA. The BIARRITZ stove has an efficient double combustion system to obtain a perfect combustion, keep the chimney clean and contribute to a clean environment. It has superior smoke outlet, ashtray, screen-printed glass and an extraordinarily efficient clean glass system, thus offering a greater view of the fire. To this is added its minimal and modern design.

The choice of materials

The BIARRITZ wood stove gives the possibility to choose between cast iron or vermiculite, that comes as standard. This is a material composed basically of aluminum, magnesium and iron silicates. It is a new material that is characterized by its excellent insulation, high strength, aesthetics and lightness. In addition, LACUNZA vermiculite is of greater density and thickness, and use smaller plates, so that, with proper use, it will neither break nor crack.

Technical features

In terms of technical features, the BIARRITZ wood stove has a heating capacity of up to 177 m3, a power range of 5 to 10 kW, 76% efficiency, and low CO emissions (0.10%). , combined with more than 50 years of experience of the Lacunza company.

Where to buy Biarritz

This stove is guaranteed and certified for sale throughout Europe thanks to the fact that LACUNZA is one step ahead of the general regulations. The BIARRITZ stove from LACUNZA meets the most demanding standards in France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland or Austria. This means it has AEFECC guarantee for Spain, Flamme Verte  for France, BlmSchV-2 for Germany or Arrete Royal for Belgium, among others. In short, the BIARRITZ wood stove not only guarantees compliance with current European regulations and CE marking, but also certifies compliance with the most stringent standards in the most demanding countries in terms of emissions and thermal efficiency.

Safety first

The BIARRITZ stove is designed to enjoy optimum combustion accompanied by maximum safety. Safety is very important in LACUNZA, which is concerned with offering a safe product with all the guarantees. The Biarritz stove is supported by certificates of Lacunza Quality System, which allows absolute traceability.

From project to production

In addition, all LACUNZA products are exclusively designed in-house, which has allowed the Company to achieve leadership in the sector. All its products have the highest energy efficiency ratings and are already fully adapted to the regulations that the EU will demand in 2022 (Ecodesign) . Biarritz has the energy certificate A, thus providing benefits such as greater efficiency, lower consumption and greater savings. Choosing products with high energy efficiency is the smartest option.

If you are looking for the exclusivity of a unique design that warms your home and helps to preserve the environment, Biarritz is the ideal wood stove.

Please check the Lacunza web site for more information.

The new issue of PF Magazine has been released

Issue n. 3 of “PF Magazine” has been released. The first magazine dedicated to all the products that use wood energy: we are talking about stoves, fireplaces, kitchens and boilers working with wood and pellet. We are talking about the energy of wood.

It addresses the distribution channel (retailers, hardware stores, show-room, builder strade, large-scale retail distribution) with the aim of creating an information, knowledge and sales support tool.

The sector of stoves, fireplaces and, more generally, of energy from wood, characterized by a highly diversified and very widespread distribution system, lacks a specific publishing product. PF Magazine aims to fill this gap.

The main topics covered in issue n. 3 concern:

  • Progetto Fuoco 2018: a record edition
  • The most beautiful wood and pellet kitchens
  • The advantages of pellet
  • Italia Legno Energia: the wood and pellet heating exhibition in Arezzo
  • The choice of architects and designers
  • The countless forms of fire

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Italia Legno Energia, Arezzo 22-24 March 2019: the only Italian fair in 2019 dedicated to the biomass sector

Preparations have begun for the third edition of Italia Legno Energia, scheduled from 22 to 24 March 2019 at the Arezzo Fair.

This event has a strategic importance for the visibility and the promotion of the sector, as it is the only Italian event dedicated to the biomass sector scheduled for 2019.

Facts and figures of Italia Legno Energia (ed. 2017)

  • 25,000 square metres of exhibition area
  • 183 exhibitors, 146 directs and 37 represented, oh whom 62 were foreign
  • 19,300 visitors from all Italian regions

Trade sector of Italia Legno Energia

The products exhibited at Italia Legno Energia are:

  • forestry and wood fuel processing machinery and equipment,
  • boilers and machines for civil or domestic wood heating,
  • stoves, fireplaces, thermo-stoves, kitchens, barbecues,
  • wood products for energy purposes (firewood, pellets and chips)
  • equipments and products for the flues

Addressing the public of agritourisms and farms, greenhouses and nurseries, commercial, touristic and hotel activities, technical studies, designers and architects, installators and resealers from all over Italy, especially from Central Italy.

The event is also open to the public.

As for Progetto Fuoco, also for Italia Legno Energia, AIEL will be the technical partner of the event, with a rich program of training and updating meeting aimed at all the protagonists of the sector.

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New dates for Progetto Fuoco 2020: 19-22 February 2020

The 12th edition of Progetto Fuoco will take place in Verona Exhibition Centre from Wednesday 19 to Saturday 22 February 2020.

Unlike previous editions, the event will end on Saturday instead of Sunday, in response first of all to the exhibitors’ requests, and in line with the characteristics of the event, increasingly with an international vocation.

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