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The wooden house of our dream

A childhood dream

Building a wooden house is a dream we have since childhood. How many of us have built a hut to play in? As many have built, once older, various types of shacks in order to throw in everything: the indispensable external storage room.

Woodshed: the shelter of firewood

What is the right name for this type of small buildings? Those of 4-5 square meters with functions that vary in the seasons of the year, often attached to the main building or isolated in the garden or in the field. We can call them chalets, barracks or woodshed, as often happens to obviate the rules of the master plan or building in general. The right name is given, in fact, from the normal function that is that of the typical shelter of firewood, for this we will call it “woodshed”.

How to build a wooden house

During the next edition of Progetto Fuoco, which will be held in Verona from 19 to 22 February 2020, the friends of the Fattoria del Legno and the Segheriamobile will be there, to realize a two-days workshop where everyone can learn how to build a wooden house for tools shelter or simply a woodshed.

Local wood and local economy

“With some friends of my area, who have long believed in local wood enhancement projects, we tried to work some trunks of trees coming from the maintenance of customer parks” – says Andrea Zenari in charge for the project. “This experience was considered positive immediately, as we built a simple woodshed sawing logs and joists from the logs”.

Mobile sawmills

“The operation was simplified by the use of the mobile sawmill” continues Zenari – “a typical tool in Northern Europe and North America but less common among our valleys, which gave us the possibility of sawing the trunk there directly at the foot of the tree. In this way there was not even the need for a crane or truck to lift and transport the wood elsewhere. This has brought numerous advantages. From the ecological point of view, the material is not being transported for its processing. It is also cheaper, because the rental of the truck with a crane costs at least 100 € per hour”.

The Workshop

The workshop will start from the trunks, to the ready-to-use house. For more information please write an email to:

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