The Urfeuer Fireplace by Brunner, preview

For the beginning of a long friendship with the open fire

The Urfeuer fireplaces are a promise – for safety, for a sensual experience, for pure atmosphere. An extraordinary construction, designed, developed and manufactured for pleasure and  enjoyment – the highest quality for the most beautiful moments in life. It’s a philosophy which was cultivated by BRUNNER for the last 70 years and can be found in every Urfeuer fireplace since 1996.

More fire enjoyment? Impossible

To feel, to smell, to hear the burning wood – be as close as possible, no glass, no technical fuss. Probably the oldest kind of fireplace has even today an incomparable charm. The Urfeuer fireplaces are manufactured by BRUNNER already since 1996. With new, sophisticated technical design, they fit perfectly in current living spaces in every situation. Modern, straight-line design with minimalistic cast-iron protective linings, continued on visible external faces of the fireplace. The Urfeuer fireplace concentrates on the sensual experience – the heating power is less important. Lean back, dream and relax. You deserve it in these hectic times.

Safety guaranteed

An important detail for every open fire is the spark protection. No matter if you are using “sparking” softwood, or you want to be sure that the fireplace is safe after combustion ends – just to make sure that no glowing embers will be falling out. This safety feature comes as standard on every Urfeuer fireplace. The spark protection is made of black coated stainless steel mesh which is moving on easy-going and stable guiding mechanism. From the technical point of view, it functions like a glazed door and is provided with counterweights for balance. The best thing about this — no technical stuff is visible when hidden, because the mesh and its mechanics is raised and lowered through a narrow gap between the fire protection plates. The access is simple and easy, as the fire protection plates can be detached without any tools. In the end, it is worth to mention that during combustion the spark protection mesh is almost “invisible” in front of burning flames, i.e. you will barely notice it when lowered.


Patented air intake and exhaust

The art of designing an open fireplace for living spaces consists in preventing the smoke gases from being spread into the room. With the patent pending exhaust system developed by BRUNNER especially for the Urfeuer fireplaces, it is possible to ensure a smokeless operation even in confined rooms.

Pressure balance with room air

Open fires usually consume enormous volumes of air from the room of installation. In older buildings, it is possible to make up this missing air volumes through cracks and gaps on doors and windows. The current methods of construction with insulated and airtight building envelope make it impossible by definition. Therefore, the Urfeuer fireplaces have a controllable pressure balance due to a generously dimensioned external air intake (ø 250 mm). This allows for sufficient “auxiliary air supply” which is even preheated at the same time and supplied as such in a pleasant way to the interior areas.

You can find Urfeuer Fireplace visiting the Brunner exhibiting area during Progetto Fuoco in Hall 5 Stand A-11.  Visit the company website form more details on Brunner products at


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