Progetto Fuoco: facts and figures 2020

Progetto Fuoco 2020 – 12° Edition

Progetto Fuoco is the most important international exhibition of plants and materials for the wood-fired heating industry.

125.000 square meters of exhibition area

  • 8 exhibition halls (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9) and outdoor area
  • 300 working productson display, thanks to the fume extraction system
  • more than 50 scheduled events, workshops and conferences

800 exhibitors

  • 60% Italian exhibitors: from 18 different Regions (mainly Veneto and Lombardy)
  • 40% foreign exhibitors from 40 different Countries (mainly Germany, Austria and France

75.000 visitors expected: 

  • 55.000 Italian visitors from all of the 110 Italian Provinces (major presences from Veneto and Lombardy)
  • 20.000 foreign visitors (in 2018 they come from 70 different Countries of which 20% from France and 10% from Spain)

Exhibitors’ trade sector:

  • Producer/dealer of domestic tools (stoves, fireplaces, kitchens) 46%
  • Accessories for stoves and fireplaces 7%
  • Producer/dealer of boilers and big biomass system 21%
  • Producer/dealer of pellets and fuels 7%
  • Flue pipes 6%
  • Technical components and materials 10%
  • Outdoor Area (machines for the primary conversion of wood) 2%
  • Specialized Press and Associations 1%

Trade visitor target:

  • Production  20%
  • Dealer/Wholesaler/agent 45%
  • Designer/engineer 12%
  • Installer/fume pipe 7%
  • plumbing and heating 6%
  • others 10%

Important promotional actions developed in collaboration with ICE and Veronafiere increased the presence of delegations of foreign operators/buyer – from the main destination markets of Italian production: Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries, with a significant increase from emerging markets such as Poland, Russia, Greece and the Baltic countries. Moreover Progetto Fuoco has a stand in the main international trade exhibitions.


More than 50 scheduled events, workshops and conferences. AIEL – Italian Agroforestry Energies Association – is the technical partner of Progetto Fuoco and organized 3 conferences and 9 workshops. Other collaborations: Assocosma, ANFUS, ADI Index, Confartigianato Veneto, ANVER, Wood School from TESAF – Department of the University of Padova.


Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies, Veneto Region, City of Verona, Province of Verona, Chamber of Commerce of Verona. Tesaf – University of Padova, I-Bio Net University of Florence

The lowest participation fees

Progetto Fuoco represents a great business opportunity with the lowest costs of participation, compared to other international exhibitions. The exhibition has the best cost-benefit ratio.

Progetto Fuoco                       € 120 /sqm

ISH Frankfurt                          € 363 / sqm

MCE Milan                              € 254 / sqm

Flam’Expo Lyon                      € 231 / sqm

Expobiomasa Valladolid        € 128 / sqm

* Analysis carried out only on free exhibition area without additional services

Communication of the event

210 Italian and foreign accredited journalists

– PF Magazine: the first magazine dedicated to the world of wood heating

– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube



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