Lacunza launches the BIARRITZ wood-stove

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Sustainability, reliability, design

LACUNZA , part of the Lacunza Kalor Group SAL business group, launches the BIARRITZ wood stove. It is a stove based on sustainability, reliabiliy and the unique design by LACUNZA. The BIARRITZ stove has an efficient double combustion system to obtain a perfect combustion, keep the chimney clean and contribute to a clean environment. It has superior smoke outlet, ashtray, screen-printed glass and an extraordinarily efficient clean glass system, thus offering a greater view of the fire. To this is added its minimal and modern design.

The choice of materials

The BIARRITZ wood stove gives the possibility to choose between cast iron or vermiculite, that comes as standard. This is a material composed basically of aluminum, magnesium and iron silicates. It is a new material that is characterized by its excellent insulation, high strength, aesthetics and lightness. In addition, LACUNZA vermiculite is of greater density and thickness, and use smaller plates, so that, with proper use, it will neither break nor crack.

Technical features

In terms of technical features, the BIARRITZ wood stove has a heating capacity of up to 177 m3, a power range of 5 to 10 kW, 76% efficiency, and low CO emissions (0.10%). , combined with more than 50 years of experience of the Lacunza company.

Where to buy Biarritz

This stove is guaranteed and certified for sale throughout Europe thanks to the fact that LACUNZA is one step ahead of the general regulations. The BIARRITZ stove from LACUNZA meets the most demanding standards in France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland or Austria. This means it has AEFECC guarantee for Spain, Flamme Verte  for France, BlmSchV-2 for Germany or Arrete Royal for Belgium, among others. In short, the BIARRITZ wood stove not only guarantees compliance with current European regulations and CE marking, but also certifies compliance with the most stringent standards in the most demanding countries in terms of emissions and thermal efficiency.

Safety first

The BIARRITZ stove is designed to enjoy optimum combustion accompanied by maximum safety. Safety is very important in LACUNZA, which is concerned with offering a safe product with all the guarantees. The Biarritz stove is supported by certificates of Lacunza Quality System, which allows absolute traceability.

From project to production

In addition, all LACUNZA products are exclusively designed in-house, which has allowed the Company to achieve leadership in the sector. All its products have the highest energy efficiency ratings and are already fully adapted to the regulations that the EU will demand in 2022 (Ecodesign) . Biarritz has the energy certificate A, thus providing benefits such as greater efficiency, lower consumption and greater savings. Choosing products with high energy efficiency is the smartest option.

If you are looking for the exclusivity of a unique design that warms your home and helps to preserve the environment, Biarritz is the ideal wood stove.

Please check the Lacunza web site for more information.

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