Kalon presents Rivus

Like a waterway dividing two shores

Rivus stove is characterized by the sequence rhythmic of a bundle of laminae separating two powerful flanks available in metal and ceramic. Designed by Studio Angeletti Ruzza Design and produced by Kalon an interesting new reality italian industrial that is revolutionizing the concept of pellet stove for both the technological pluses and production that for the accurate design. The beauty of Rivus is expressed in its simplicity. Simplicity does not mean basic or minimalism. Simplicity implies the cultural and emotional thickness of a product. Materials, details, manufacture, production process, emotions, memory: In this sense simplicity is an expression profound quality. For Kalon words such as quality, technological innovation, ethics and environmental sustainability are the focus on which to base its production and seek new beauty to be offered to people to improve the quality of their lives.


Rivus stove pays tribute to the most innovative, environmentally friendly and economical heating system of contemporaneity expressing an accurate formal refinement. The word Kalon, which derives from the Greek and means “beautiful” fully expresses the company’s mission according to which the pursuit of formal beauty and aesthetics moves in unison with the dignity of behaviors practical for which the concept of beautiful can not ignore the concept of good. So here’s the innovative door characterized by a series of metallic laminae that change the usual perception of the door of the stoves. The expressive force of the ceramic material that evokes domestic atmospheres completely different from those of the steel coating. These important formal and sensory aspects are substantiated by the presence of technology Kalon COMBUSTION which combines the action of the Flow sensor (device that controls comburent air) with the design philosophy of its high efficiency heat exchangers. These they exploit the tube-beam technology, which significantly increases the exchange surface and consequently the performance of the product. Inside each tube, it is inserted in fact a helicoidal turbulator that performs the dual action of slowing down the exhaust gases with consequent increase in the time of heat permanency inside the exchanger and killing of polluting particles. Thanks to this technology, the Rivus stove is already in conformity with the Ecodesign 2022 established by the European Union. The pellet by its nature is already a highly ecological material than traditional fossil fuels such as gas or diesel and involves a reduction of CO2 equal to 95% but, the plus of pellets, combined with new technologies of the latest generation stoves like Rivus in A + energy class, it further improves air quality in terms of
particulate and gas emissions. Ecodesign regulations for domestic biomass appliances will enter into force in the 28 EU countries and all EEA countries (European Economic Area) on 1 January 2022 (regulationEU 2015/1185). Also with regard to the acoustic comfort of the environment in which it is inserted, Rivus is in category S-SILENT i.e. has a low noise coefficient (less than 35 decibels); is equipped with of a double door and has a high-thickness cast iron brazier.



Kalon products are composed of exchanger and aesthetic coating. Rivus Steel presents the exchanger melamine-faced with the sandblasting process and finished with liquid varnish resistant to high temperature, and the sand-blasted aesthetic coating and painted with polyester wrinkled to dust. The Rivus product, a differs in the aesthetic coating, made of ceramic texturised and enamed.


Rivus stove uses vented air technology with frontal ventilation and is equipped with Kalon COMBUSTION technology that combines the action of the Flow sensor (apparatus that controls the combustion air) with the design philosophy of its high efficiency heat exchangers. These exploit the tube-beam technology, which significantly increases the heat exchange surface and, as a result, the performance
of the product. Moreover, inside each tube, a helicoidal turbulator is inserted, which carries out a double action:
1- Deceleration of exhaust gases with consequent increase in the permanence time of the
heat inside the exchanger
2- Culling of polluting particles


Rivus and Rivus Steel conform to the Ecodesign 2022. The Ecodesign regulation specifies the rules of application 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on eco-design criteria for biomass-enabled appliances. The objective of the regulation is to improve the environmental performance of the new biomass heat generators. For this reason, since its entry into force, only the devices able to meet the expected efficiency and emission requirements. The regulation will be required and must be directly applied by each of the Member States of the Union European Union from 1 January 2022. Rivus and Rivus Steel are classified as 4 stars when the standard entry into force this year in Italy provides for the presence of 3-star stoves. The attention that Kalon poses towards the environment is absolute and all his efforts are geared towards a increasing optimization of thermal yields with always lower CO2 emissions.

You can find this and other Kalon innovative products during Progetto Fuoco Hall 7 Stand A-7. For further information visit the company website www.kalonstufe.it

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