Italia Legno Energia – 4/6 February 2021 – Fiera di Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

organized by Piemmeti SpA and promoted by Progetto Fuoco, dedicated to the production of heating energy with agro-forest biomass.

All the most important companies specialized in plants and equipment for wood and pellet heating are present.

Italia Legno Energia is the only nationwide event in 2021: it has become a reference point in odd years, when the bigger biannual exhibition Progetto Fuoco in Verona is not on schedule. 

The exhibition is also a strategic opportunity to further enhance the biomass renewable energy source in Central Italy, notoriously rich in forests and woods.


“From the forest to the fireplace”

The entire wood supply chain is meeting in Arezzo for a three-day event open to operators and the public. 

From stoves, to fireplaces, boilers, large biomass plants, pellets, chips, components, accessories and items for the flue gas system. The most modern and innovative technological solutions for domestic, civil, industrial heating and mini-cogeneration.

Thanks to its invaluable technical partnership with AIEL (the Italian Agroforestry Energy Association), Italia Legno Energia will also provide opportunities to find out about all of the latest news in a packed schedule of meetings, conventions and workshops covering topics such as certification, incentives, the design process and choosing the right pellets. 


Facts & Figures 2019

  • 183 Exhibitors (including 62 from outside Italy)
  • 25.000 square meters of exhibition space 
  • 19.500 visitors and buyer from all Italian regions
  • Meeting and workshop in partnership with AIEL (Italian Association of Biomass Value Chain)

Reasons to join Italia Legno Energia

1. Progetto Fuoco’s experience and know-how

2. A complete and high-profile exhibition proposal

3. The benefits of the energy produced by biomass: sustainability, economy, access to incentives

4. An important communication campaign

5. Partnership with AIEL

6. Only trade show appointment in Italy for the sector in 2021

7. Contact with a targeted array of experts

8. The possibility of contacting the final consumer

9. Best convenience among the Trade Shows

10. A territory without equal, with a large wooded area

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