Give me Fire Start Up Award

Give me Fire: the Innovation Village at Progetto Fuoco 2020

Progetto Fuoco leaps into the future and launches its contest for innovation of the Fire system

The twelfth edition of the exhibition, world leader in the sector of systems and equipment which produce heat and energy from the combustion of wood, planned for the 19th to the 22nd of February 2020 in Verona, will boast a significant and original development: “Give Me Fire”, a new thematic area of the hall dedicated to start-ups, innovation and more.

We launch the challenge for the innovation of the Fire system

At the heart of the project, promoted by Piemmeti and Blum, is the Startup Award, aimed at all companies who offer innovative solutions applicable to the world of wood combustion systems and equipment. Let’s take a closer look at what it is.

What it is all about

It is the first edition of an international contest aimed at innovative Italian and European companies, from which a committee will choose the 10 best start-ups, which will have the opportunity to progress to the final phase of the contest.

Progetto Fuoco: a leader event

“To be a leader it is not enough to continue to do well the things you know” explained Raul Barbieri, General Manager of Piemmeti, the company which has organised Progetto Fuoco, who continued: “You need the courage and the energy to take risks and offer something new. Even in a mature sector like Fire the scenario is always changing, new technologies and habits continuously redefine markets and productive horizons”, he added.

The Innovation Village

For those 10 companies, the doors will be opened to Progetto Fuoco at VeronaFiere, where the Innovation Village will make its debut, a true village of innovation in which the finalists will be able to exhibit their products and meet spectators at the fair. At the centre of this village inhabited by new ideas, will be a stage which will host debates, pitches – brief presentations by the start-ups in front of a panel of experts – and opportunities for meetings, communication and business. The area will be accessible to all visitors in the hall, allowing companies, operators and innovative ideas to come together for the four days of the exhibition. On the final day, the 10 start-ups will face off in a grand finale which will decide who receives the first Progetto Fuoco European Start-up Award.

Innovation has no limits

Precisely because innovation is, by definition, surprising compared to established models, the Start-up Award won’t have thematic limits. Companies which innovate in several directions, from new forms of fuel, innovations in wood supply, the most recent materials for heaters and boilers, to original solutions for furnaces, containment of emissions, contamination via app, artificial intelligence, and new frontiers like new generation 5G networks which are already taking off, will be able to put themselves forward.

A network of ideas

“We are aware that circulating ideas is good for everybody. It’s good for start-ups but also for companies which are already leaders in their markets. We want to create a meeting point to put people in contact and let new business relationships grow. Everyone will go home enriched, and the whole industry will benefit”, added Luca Barbieri from Blum.

Call for entries June 2019

“Give Me Fire” is ready to be launched and take off. Applications are being accepted starting June 2019 in three languages: Italian, English and German, in order to reach the most important markets on the continent. The closing date for applications is October 2019, and the following month the 10 finalists will be announced. See you at Progetto Fuoco 2020!


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