Eco House

EcoHouse, a “focus” within Progetto Fuoco dedicated to energy efficiency

The choice of eco-living: sustainable heating … but not only

Hall number 1 within Progetto Fuoco will be entirely dedicated to materials and technologies for energy efficiency.

State-of-the-art functional eco-building

Not only private houses, but also hotels, gyms and wellness centers, can be at the forefront thanks to the use of eco-sustainable cooling / heating systems. Real home automation buildings, which combine different solutions alongside materials for the best performance of the environments: EcoHouse, the new thematic area of Progetto Fuoco, will be all this and much more.

A competitive advantage for construction operators

A better performance of the heat and energy production systems allows an energy saving that is also equivalent to a competitive advantage in the reference market.

Government incentives for energy efficiency

The technical solutions for an efficient use of energy also allow access to the incentive systems provided by European governments for the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere and the improvement of air quality.More efficiency means less consumption and more environmental comfort.

An unmissable opportunity and a new perspective for professionals in the sector

For these reasons, EcoHouse represents an unmissable opportunity for knowledge, information and updating for all manufacturers, retailers, installers and designers in the technical thermal sector.

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