Hevo: Magikal invents the first wall-mounted pellet boiler

Andrea Farina, 26 years old from San Bonifacio (near the city of Verona), is the creator of this innovative product. Together with his parents he is the owner of Magikal, the family business operating in the home heating sector for 12 years.

Sometimes in order to make a successful product it only takes an original idea, the right one, and this time Andrea Farina had the right one. He has been working for years in the family business, Magikal in Monteforte d’Alpone (VR), a family-run business that deals with home heating. Mr. Farina’s great experience in the field as a selftaught made the invention of HEVO possible.

“To change the rules of the market, we need people who are not afraid, who think outside of the box, who have an innovative product vision, different from the shared one”, this is Andrea’s motto. The boiler of the future, as we might call it, was presented at the latest edition of Progetto Fuoco and has met with considerable success.

HEVO is the first and only pellet-powered wall boiler, it guarantees savings in heating costs of up to 50% and an energy efficiency of 93%. The use of pellets (renewable fuel) totally eliminates the harmful environmental impact that fossil energy has on our planet. The autonomy of this boiler is up to 5 days, thanks to the additional tank.

“The idea of creating a new type of pellet boiler was born from the need to combine the energy saving of a pellet product and the small size of a classic gas boiler.”, explained Andrea, “We offer a new and innovative product, suitable for all types of houses, even in settings where space is limited”.

As mentioned, Andrea works in the family business, together with his father Vittorio and his mother Miriam. Magikal since its foundation in 2008, has always sought quality and innovation in its products and the results are here to come. The turnover in the last year has increased by 34% and foreign markets are also responding very well, covering 40% of the company’s total turnover.

Expansion on foreign markets and new quality products are therefore Magikal’s as well as Andrea’s main goals, always with an eye to innovation and the environment.

Bubble, a new Focus’s brazier

Bubble is a wood burning design brazier. To be installed in the garden or on the terrace, it is an important source of heat, to light up summer nights or warm up winter evenings. The contemporary Focus signature design, associated with excellent technical characteristics, make this brazier a highly functional object, adaptable to different types of exteriors. Equipped with two rear wheels and a diameter of 700 mm, the brazier can be easily moved on flat ground. The removable basin facilitates maintenance. An anti-corrosive coating allows Bubble to resist the external environment, protecting the quality of the finish and the design.   - Creation Christophe Ployé for Focus -

PF Magazine: 2 special issues for French and Belgian market

29 giu tabellare ILE – bianca

A new Progetto Fuoco/PF Magazine initiative for the French and Belgian market: the printing of 2 special issues of PF Magazine, published in French that will be released in

– September 2020, at the beginning of the thermal season,(sent to specialized French and Belgian operators – importers, distributors, resellers, agents, designers and installers)

– March 2021, to coincide with the event Flam’Expo in Lyon, (available at the Piemmeti stand for all visitors of Flam’Expo and sent to 7,500 specialized French and Belgian operators)


PF Magazine is proposed as a valid and economic alternative to keep in touch with an important share of European market.

The Progetto Fuoco magazine, PF Magazine, known and recognized by the whole sector, becomes the most useful tool for promoting and marketing during these restarting months.

The articles, also created in collaboration with Flamme Verte and ProPellet, are enriched by a showcase of products (in the style of PF Magazine’s Best Stoves) which will also find visibility in the social networks and web channels of Progetto Fuoco.

That’s why it is too good an opportunity to miss

– it allows companies to keep in touch with French and Belgian market in a period in which visiting customers is very complicated;

– for really low costs.

Find costs and info at this link 

Progetto Fuoco 2020 ends with 60,000 professional operators, including 30% from abroad


Blucomb wins the first edition of the Give Me Fire – Progetto Fuoco European Startup Award.  The Belgian Sûti Design & Utility wins the public award.

The 12th edition of Progetto Fuoco ended today with 60,000 professional operators, 30% of them foreign, and an increasing number of visitors from France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Russia. This impressive result was accompanied by a high degree of satisfaction for the 800 exhibitors at the Veronafiere trade fair centre who presented their 3,500 products. The international trade fair dedicated to plants and equipment for producing heat and energy from combustion, therefore confirms its position as a world-leading platform for business and innovation in the industry. This was made possible thanks to the undisputed quality of the offer and a conference programme that saw the main trade associations in the forefront, including AIEL – Associazione Italiana Energie Agroforestali (technical partner of the event). 

 “The extremely positive result of this 12th edition of Progetto Fuoco together with Eco House Expocommented Giovanni Mantovani, general manager of Veronafiere confirms the decision made by Veronafiere to focus on developing sustainable business models that are in keeping with the European goals of the Green New Deal. From a business point of view, the new business-oriented format, concentrated over four days, along with training events, the promotion of startups and investments for incoming buyers in collaboration with ICE-Agency, allowing us to welcome to the trade fair more than 30% of professional operators from abroad, proved to be successful.”

 Raul Barbieri, general manager of Piemmeti the Veronafiere subsidiary that organises Progetto Fuoco – commented, “During these four days of the trade fair event, the sector showed great vitality, providing concrete responses with regard to environmental, economic and innovative aspects while indicating that it is ready to invest in new strategies for the future. In the face of the distorted visions that still affect our sector, companies have promptly provided cutting-edge solutions in line with the growing demand for increasingly sustainable and energy-efficient products and savings. Furthermore, with the first edition of the Give Me Fire – Progetto Fuoco European Startup Award, we launched an additional challenge based on researching and developing state-of-the-art projects and ideas that focus on further improvements in air quality and the performance of equipment. Finally, internationalisation, promotion, communication and business were the other four assets we worked hard on to make Progetto Fuoco, once again, the crucial platform for the sector on a global scale.”    

And precisely in terms of innovation, a special focus was given to young enterprises in Europe, the protagonists of the new Innovation Village, which made its debut this year together with the Give Me Fire – Progetto Fuoco European Startup Award. This award, promoted by Progetto Fuoco and Blum, in collaboration with AIEL, saw some of the best startups compete in the field of heating and energy produced from wood. Blucomb of Udine won first place overall with its patented pyrolytic pellet burners that do not require electronic controls, moving mechanical parts or even electricity. They significantly reduce polluting emissions, ensuring much lower levels of CO and particulate matter than any other traditional form of combustion. The smart stove equipped with an app, designed by the Belgian start-up Sûti Design & Utility, won the public award for its user-friendliness and special design.

The next Veronafiere Progetto Fuoco event, promoted by Piemmeti, will be in 2022. In the meantime, dates have already been set for Italia Legno Energia, scheduled to take place at the Fiera di Arezzo from 4 – 6 February 2021, also organised by Piemmeti.

Info: Piemmeti S.p.A.

Via San Marco 11/c – 35129 Padova


The most important Italian and foreign brands will be present

The most important International Exhibition of the wood biomass sector

PROGETTO FUOCO – Veronafiere February 19-22, 2020

800 exhibitors (40% from abroad) in 8 halls and 130,000 square meters of exhibition area; 250 accredited journalists, 100 scheduled conferences and workshops. All this makes Progetto Fuoco the most important international event dedicated to the heating and energy production through the combustion of wood. From this year it will also be possible to exhibit bioethanol, gas and other renewable forms of heating products.

A reference point

Fuoco is the World’s Leading Trade Exhibition in the sector: in the last edition there were over 70,000 visitors, of which over 15,000 foreign operators from 70 countries.

The great international communication campaign, carried out with targeted invitations, and widespread web and social media campaign, is aimed at the most important European importers, agents and distributors.

A promotional campaign throughout Europe (we are present in the specialized press of Russia, Poland, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Greece) and the presence with stands at all the main international sector exhibitions, confirms the international reference role assumed over the years by Progetto Fuoco.

The most important Italian and foreign brands will be present

The most important Italian and foreign brands are present in a choice of product unique in the world for this sector industry.

A not to be missed event!

Become an exhibitor! We advise you to reserve the exhibition space in advance, as the exhibition layout is mostly defined and the exhibition spaces are largely optioned. Early enrolling allows the organization secretariat to identify the exhibition spaces that best meet individual company needs: info@piemmetispa.com